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5D Real Mink Lashes - Kansas

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No makeup look is complete without the Makeup Revolution 5D Real Mink Lashes in Glam. Super fluffy and fluttery, these voluminous falsies add a glamorous finish to the eye, with wispy impact. Weightless, luxurious and super comfortable, these lashes are a must-have in your next haul.

Our fabulous 5d Mink lashes are hand made, with precision and care to give you a bold and unforgettable look. Cruelty-free How to Apply Trim the ends to fit your eyes perfectly Apply the glue and wait up to 20 seconds Apply lash to your eyes and press gently How to Remove Hold your lash and pull gently from outside gently remove the remaining glue for multiple uses, store the lash back in the original package

100% Mink And 100% Hand Crafted.

Luxurious Mink Lashes Created With Double and Triple Layered

  • Hair: 5d Mink 25mm

  • Color: Natural Color

  • Strip Lash

  • Reusable (Suggested use 20-25 wears)

How to Care for Your Lashes

  • Handle your lashes by the band. Don’t pull or tug them. If you find it difficult to remove lashes from the eyelid, dip a cotton swab in water and rub it gently over the band to loosen the glue.

  • Never soak your lashes in water, makeup remover, or alcohol.

  • If dried glue builds upon the band, gently remove it with your fingertips. We recommend cleaning your lashes every two to three wears.

  • Don’t apply mascara directly to the lashes. You can apply mascara to your natural lashes first, let it dry, and then apply your Velour Lashes.

  • Store your lashes in their original packaging to keep them safe and clean.

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